Crucial Assignment of The Outsider – A Assessment of The Value of Including Conceptual Art in The Arts and Crafts Teacherís Training Curriculum in Turkey

A Assessment of The Value of Including Conceptual Art in The Arts and Crafts Teacherís Training Curriculum in Turkey


This paper is an attempt to consider the essential nature of Conceptual Art in The Undergraduate   Programme of Arts and Crafts Teacherís Training   Education Curriculum in The Higher Education System in Turkey.

The text is intended to discuss the problems of Conceptual Art in art education.   It is necessary to include Conceptual Art, and we will discuss why it is indispensable to cover Conceptual Art in the field of arts and crafts teachersí training in the higher education system.

It also anticipates the problems faced by creative artists who have come to consider themselves ìoutsiderî in our time.

Modern man has to welcome the desire to change himself. This   means that   he has to comply with the necessity of the changes.

In our view, the relationship between art education and conceptual art is one in which   student comes into an organized situation within the group which he is a part of and has to accept the single option. This is the main problem that that is to be discussed.

The intent is not the matter of producing a generation of Conceptual artist. This would be a disaster. But using Conceptual Art as the lens to focus on the question ìWhat is art?î Focus on conceptual art is needed because it discovers and introduces   function of   art and   the concrete objective nature of the art work.

From this point the relation between art education   and the conceptual art is becomes clear: Because the respect from the idea becomes important even when the idea is not popular. The idea of idea becomes important. In other words the very idea of the idea is becomes the subject in art education. This is the means to express individual idea. What in your life is important enough to spend for example, a time of one month?   This is a referential question. The first question is what is important? And the second, is it important enough to spend my energy? To answer this question as an ìoutsider ìone must portray ìThe Outsider as an Artist.î

The outsider is a person who wants to be integrated as a human being, and who wants to achieve fusion between the mind and heart. ìThe Outsider ì   is a reproductive concept

( sense) in the path of creativity and   modern mind-set. As the subject of romantic revolt, the outsider can be considered as the dynamo of social development. There is something anti-life, about The Existentialist Outsider. They seem to have no motive and external positive role. The Outsider must not be confused with the Marxist Theory of Alienation

Key words: generation of conceptual artist, architectonic, envisioning information, existence, focus, lens

Adem Genç

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