Summary: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the structure and the consequences of practise of The Arts and Crafts Teachers’ Training Programme which was design some years ago in connection with The Reconstitution of Faculty of Education Programmes in Turkey. It is an attempt to arrive a more rational and updated teaching strategy in the field, particularly in Art and Crafts Education. Today, we are living in the age of information partly shaped by an explosion of possibilities afforded by computer technology. Although the demand to Art Education has increasingly acquired popularity, the Art Teachers’ training problems reach to a crisis point in terms of the outcome of its reconstitution stated above. As the programme is open to students coming from regular high schools, technical high schools, Anatolian teachers training high schools, anatolian fine arts high schools as well as those student with some prior technical art schools experience or, one must think of an overall programme not only as far as a wide range of career opportunities are concern but also with regard creative thinking in design processes as well as the use of electronic media. In our opinion, the focus of Teachers’ Training Programme should be directed towards developing artistic creativity rather than technical skill and craft. The objectives of these programmes of study are to provide potential teachers with art theory and teach them how to organize knowledge, how to research and what courses provoke what effect, by what means. Students also should learn how knowledge and ideas are represented within the academic discipline. Therefore, the content and the structure of the programme must be comprehensive enough in developing each student’s capabilities for evaluating problems penetrating to artistic communication.

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